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Wines & Drinks

Take a look at our carefully selected wines, most of which are available by the glass, by the 500 ml carafe, and by the bottle. Or perhaps you prefer something else. Here at the Old Arch Bar & Bistro, we make fantastic cocktails. Read on through our menu to discover our selection.


White Wine


Chardonnay, “Alvier”€5.40    €14.00    €20.80

Rengo, Chile. ABV 13%
Fresh ripe apples & pears with citrus notes & a buttery creaminess.


Sauvignon Blanc, “Las Condes”€5.40    €14.00    €21.50

Valle Central,Chile. ABV 12.5%
Crisp with hints of green chillies, grass and gooseberries.


Pinot Grigio “Via Nova”€5.90    €15.00    €5.40

Abruzzo, Italy. ABV 12%
Medium dry finish with aromas of toasted almonds.


Sauvignon Blanc, “Porcupine Ridge”€6.80    €17.50    €27.00

Boekenhoutskloof, Western Cape, South Africa. ABV 12.5%
Light to medium bodied, aromas of gooseberry and cut grass.


Pinot Blanc “Cave de Turckheim”€6.50    €14.00    €28.00

Alsace, France. ABV 12.5%
Dry, fruity note of apple and pear.


Chardonnay Chenin Blanc “Rives Blanques”€25.00

PaysD’oc, France. ABV 12.5%
Light, clear fresh style. Rounded with full flavours.


Pecorino “La Piuma”€25.00

Abruzzo, Italy. ABV 12%
Sweet notes of apple & pear with hints of jasmine


Gruner Veltliner, “Hopler”€26.00

Burgenland,Austria. ABV 12%
Yellow, apple scents, light green tinge with mineral character.


Riesling, “Loosen Estate” Bin 392€28.00

Mosel,Germany. ABV 8%
Light and vibrant aromas of flowers and citrus peel.


Sauvignon Blanc, “Forest Estate”€6.90    €18.00    €31.50

Marlborough, New Zealand. ABV 12.5%
Vibrant flavours of zesty lime, fresh cut grass and gooseberries.


Albarino, “Castro Martin”€34.00

Rias Baixas, Spain. ABV12.5%
Medium to dry. Apricot, peach & sweet spices with tropical citrus flavours.


Gavi di Gavi “Broglia”€34.00

Italy. ABV 12.5%
Full body, rich nutty & lemon flavours.


Chardonnay “Katnook Estate”€38.00

Coonawarra, Australia. ABV 13.5%
Oak barreled matured, vibrant aromas of peach and melon. Silky, slightly creamy with oak undertones.


Sancerre, “Andre Dezat et Fils”€38.00

France. ABV 12.5%
Vibrant, scented, round medium bodied dry style with citrus zest.


Chablis, “Amiral Vernon”€39.00

Burgundy, France. ABV 12.5%
Soft fruitful notes, crisp-cleanliness, a true Chablis. This wine is organic.


Rose, Ferrandiere€5.90    €15.00    €23.00

France  ABV  13%
Vibrant pink, full of fruity & floral aromas.


Prosecco “Massottina”€30.50

Italy. ABV11%


Champagne, “Veuve Clicquot”€79.00

N.V. France.  ABV  12%



Red Wine


Merlot, “Alvier”€5.40    €14.00    €20.80

Rengo,Chile. ABV 13.5%
Medium bodied with smooth fruit flavour, soft, elegant and silky.


Cabernet Sauvignon “Torreon De Paredes”€5.80    €15.00    €23.50

Cachapoal Valley, Chile. ABV 13.5%
Medium bodied, dark fruit aroma, fresh lively and complex.


Shiraz “Peter Lehmann Weighbridge”€5.80    €14.50    €24.00

South Australia. ABV 14.5%
Full flavour, deep colour with hints of dark fruits and plums.


Grenache Domaine Gayda€25.50

Languedoc, France. ABV 14%
Full bodied and explosive with concentrated red ripe fruits.


Rioja, Ardo, “Marques de Riscal”€26.00

Spain, ABV 14%
Smooth, well balanced flavors of complex wood and fruit. Traditional Spanish.


Malbec, “Don David” Reserve 2012€6.40    €17.50    €26.50

Calchaqui Valley, Argentina. ABV 14%
Rich powerful with lushes of dark fruit flavors.Complex and big.


Pinotage, “Barista”€6.40    €17.00    €27.00

Western cape,South Africa. ABV 13.5%
Intense, rich coffee and chocolate flavors with sweet tones of vanilla and butterscotch.


Chianti, “Rocca Delle Macie”€6.60    €18.00    €28.00

Italy. ABV 13%
Ruby red with dry-medium body with fresh, savory flavors of ripe red fruit.


Pinot Noir, “Villa Wolf”€28.50

Pfalz, Germany. ABV 12.5%
Light velvety and smooth with herbal, cherry and raspberry flavours.


Merlot, “Four Sisters”€6.60    €18.00    €29.00

Central Victoria, Australia. ABV 14%
Soft, rounded flavors of plums and cherries with savory spices.


Tempranillo, “Candidato Familia”€6.90    €18.00    €29.50

Spain. ABV 13%
Aromas of black plums, raisins and dates. Plenty of fruity character.


Les Breteches “De Chateau Kefraya”€32.00

Lebanon. ABV 13.5%
Cooked fruit, hints of mushrooms and spices.
Well structured and full bodied.


Crozes Hermitage Les Pierrelles “Domaine Belle”€33.00

Rhone, France. ABV 13%
Delicate silky flavor, with hints of blackberries and black cherries.


Fleurie “Chaqteau De Beauregard”€39.50

Burgundy, France. ABV 13%
Smooth floral aromas of violet and rose with hints of fruit.






The perfect mix of Finlandia lime vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice,
just enough to make it pink!.



Finlandia vodka, apple schnapps, and apple juice served chilled in a martini glass.


Pina Colada€6.50

Old School! One of the world’s most popular cocktails, Bacardi superior rum, coconut liqueur topped with
fresh pineapple juice, served tall over lots of ice.


Sex on the Beach€5.00

Tall and sweet, this cocktail is one for the girls. Finlandia vodka, peach liqueur, topped with fresh
cranberry juice and a splash of orange.



Totally refreshing! With Bacardi superior rum, Soda water, fresh mint leaves and just a little sugar.
Served over crushed ice.


Blue Lagoon€5.00

Blue Curacao liqueur and Finlandia vodka served tall over ice with a splash of white lemonade.


Harvey Wallbanger€5.00

Finlandia vodka and orange juice topped with Galliano and a drop of Grenadine to finish.
Served over ice.


Long Island Iced Tea€7.50

Finlandia vodka, tequila, gin and Bacardi superior rum with a splash of triple sec,topped up with coke.
A must try!



Finlandia grapefruit vodka, a splash of orange juice topped up with 7up.
Served with ice and a slice.

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