Lunchtime Menu

    • Lunch Starters

      Soup, chowder or perhaps something more substantial.

    • Soup of the Day


      Served with a crispy roll and butter.

    • Creamy Atlantic seafood chowder


      Served with homemade brown bread and butter.

    • Breaded chicken goujons


      With salad garnish and barbeque dip.

    • Cajun chicken Caesar salad


      With parmesan cheese shavings & croutons.

    • Breaded mushrooms


      With garlic mayonnaise dip.

    • Spinach Salad


      Served with feta cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes & house dressing.

    • Traditional smoked salmon salad


      Served with red onion and capers.

    • Clew Bay mussels


      Poached in a garlic white wine cream.

    • Hot Sandwiches

      Served in a wrap / panini / ciabatta / floury bap accompanied with salad and chips.

    • The Beefeater


      Strips of sirloin steak, sauté mushrooms, onions and melted cheese with a side of gravy.

    • The Gobbler


      Sliced turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry mayonnaise.

    • The French Connection


      Brie and bacon with red onion confit.

    • The Veggie


      Pan fried vegetables with goat's cheese.

    • The Arch Special


      Breaded chicken strips and mixed lettuce with Cajun mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce.

    • Open Sandwiches

      Served on home-made brown bread with salad and chips.

    • Smoked Salmon


      With capers and red onion.

    • Crab Meat Salad


      With Marie Rose sauce.

    • Sliced Chicken Supreme


      With red onion marmalade.

    • Shrimp


      With Marie Rose sauce.

    • Lunchtime Main Courses

      See our boards for today’s daily specials.

    • Breaded Supreme of Chicken


      With a pepper sauce, vegetables and potato of the day.

    • Grilled salmon Fillet


      With basil & shrimp cream sauce, vegetables and potato of the day.

    • Chicken curry


      Served with rice, mango chutney and popadom.

    • Old Arch Seafood Pie


      Topped with mash potato, Cheddar cheese & vegetables of the day

    • Seafood Salad


      Smoked salmon, crab meat, shrimp and mussels.
      Served with chips or brown bread.

    • Baked Goat's Cheese


      In filo pastry, served with house salad & chips.

    • Louisiana Chicken Burger


      Tempura strips served on a brioche bun, spicy mayo with
      salad & chips

    • 8 Oz Prime Irish Beef Burger


      Served on a bap with side salad and chips
      Add a topping of your choice: bacon, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, Bbq sauce, mushrooms, saute onions, pepper sauce, Mozzarella cheese, basil pesto mayonnaise.
      €0.50 each

    • Flatbreads

      A flattened yeast free dough bread. Served with salad & chips

    • Smoked Salmon


      Served with cream cheese red onion & capers.

    • Brie Cheese


      Served with caramelised red onion & roasted red pepper.

    • Grilled Chicken


      Served with pesto & cherry tomato.

    • Mozzarella Cheese


      Served with mushroom spinach & sun-dried tomato.

    • Lunchtime desserts

      Go on! End with something sweet, or maybe a selection of cheese.

    • Warm Chocolate Lava Cake


      With vanilla ice cream.

    • Seasonal Fruit Crumble


      With custard and ice cream.

    • Trio of Ice Cream


      Served in a wafer basket with chocolate fudge sauce.

    • Old Arch Cheese Cake of the Day

    • Seasonal Fresh Fruit Filled Meringue Nests


      With vanilla ice cream & whipped cream.

    • Traditional Lemon Tart


      Topped with caramelised sugar & raspberry sorbet.

    • Profiteroles


      With chocolate sauce and ice cream.

    • Banana split

    • Selection of Cheeses


      With water biscuits.

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